happy blog birthday! to many many more breatfasks...actually you have inspired me to be more creative with my breatfasks - it"s my favourite meal anyway, always has been. I love that white and blue plate, is it vintage or is there a chance I could buy one like it?

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have not played a vidio game in over 35 years and i just got 95 on my 3rd try, got to get back to work or i will play this 24/7. hope i can find this game again so i can try for a few hdunred, wish it paid cash prizes. lol0 likes
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Hi. I"m a janitor at the forth laegsrt university in Michigan and am about to retire. I have a blog on wordpress and a while back I happened upon your blog and wrote a comment and then corrected some errors and left a corrected comment. You posted both (?). You are a very interesting person and we both occupy the the same era. Based on what little I have read from your blog we share the counter culture views of that era. That"s a good thing from my point of view! Anyway, I"m going to retire very soon and will have more time to connect to people who share common values. After a more careful reading of your blog I came across the subscribe part to your blog and that lead me to this post/comment. So, after I end this comment, I will check the two boxes below and I suspect that qualifies me as a subscriber. Incidentally, 1)I do have an MA in sociology (accidental degree I had to have something to do while cleaning up) and 2) my daughter happens to work at the Art Institute in Durham as an admissions director just thought you might like to know. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your ideological views/program.Sincerely,bwinwnbwi
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James-Thanks for the comments. Yeah Mike does an outstanding job with TMF. Its a great resource!Honestly when I started this blog I really didn’t know where I was going with it. My wife had started a blog about tea and I thought it was cool, so I made up a name and bought the domain in about 5 minutes. I thought I would just put a few things about my homebrewing experiences to hopefully help someone else, list some of the beers I liked…and if for nothing else as a record for myself. After a few posts I started to feel like it was turning into just another one of the hundreds of beer blogs. So as the blog was trying to find it’s identity I hit up my buddy Vinnie for an interview, well more of just a conversation. That was the turning point for the blog when that post alone got over 500 views in 1 day and the story was picked up by Beernews. That’s when it hit me there are great sources for all things beer news and home brewing news in general. However there wasn’t really anyone actively seeking out news stories specific to commercial sour/wild beers or news related to wild/sour homebrewing to put into one location. Blending in some “sour beery” things I’ve learned, Beers I like, and the sour brewing I am doing at home with all that is where I think my niche in the beer blogging world is. Getting into enjoying the beautiful wild/sour styles and certainly getting into sour brewing can be very intimidating. So I hope combining the 2 areas of knowledge into 1 place will help others.So about the recipes…you have great timing! I have a post going up today about a split batch of Saison I brewed a few days ago. I was waiting for the fermentation to get really active so I could include a few more pictures. It should be up this afternoon. My brew session in December wasn’t a sour beer (Wheat IPA) so I didn’t post anything on that.Thanks for the support!Brandon car insurance quotes viagra online
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Of course Jody wouldn’t write that, but I wonder if this is some kind of a point/counterpoint thing where someone writes about the glories of ex-gays and then they also print Jody’s article. Or if they would twist Jody’s words around for their own agenda.This just seems suspicious to me. Many of the young men’s magazines and the media culture for young men is homophobic. And many of the sites out there which claim to be about men and men taking back their voice and all that (like Men’s Wear Daily) are extremely anti-gay.It just concerns me, the idea of an ex-gay issue being brought up in something along the lines of FHM or Maxim. Because these magazines exist because they have to stroke the straight male ego, have to show him that he is so superior to women, and to homosexuals, etc. The ex-gay stuff would be a big part of that, showing men who “become” macho by leaving behind homosexuality. cost of viagra
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Hello Pinne,Take a look at the correction below,I just helped you to correct the grammar mistakes, but the ideas, and other matter I didn’t change.Now, I live in HCMC, but I was born in Long Xuyen city, located in the center of An Giang province. It’s a beutiful place. If you walking walk or ride a bike around the city, itโ€™s very night nice.There are a lot of bookstores, the city is full of monuments, parks, and fountains. I am pround of my hometown, there has are a lot of beautiful views, you can go shopping. Everyone often works group in a coffee shop.the weather here is ideal. There are only 2 reasons, rainy reason, and dry reason. In dry reason, you can play many activities like as going fishing with family fishing on the river, . . But, the rain reason, you just stay at home and to see the rainbow after the rain.Everyday you donโ€™t hear the sound noise like HCMC, Itโ€™s quiet, neighborhood are friendly, helpful.If you come to my hometown, I think you will like it. online viagra cialis
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“As if being linked to Sarah Palin by her statements and positions isnโ€™t enough, …”God forbid! Sarah and her pro-American Apple-Pie image, self-sufficient female posture, and self-defense pro-firearm position. Can’t have one of them rear its ugly head in modern politics can we? She just might offset those thousands of elitist stuffed shirt socialist girly men that dominate the body politic.“… any association with Jonah Goldberg should be viewed with, ahem, skepticism and caution. Goldberg never met a war of aggression or overthrow of a country not aligned with his particular world view that he didnโ€™t like.”Well there must be dozens of examples of this for you to cite, correct? Or maybe you are one of those that equates one or two miltary actions with ‘never met a war of aggression or overthrow of a country’.“… Heโ€™s an internationalist in most areas and a warmonger in all. If he happens to be right about this particular issue itโ€™s only because he canโ€™t be wrong all the time โ€“ although he certainly tries.”Hmmmmm. I’m thinking something here. Getting the distinct feeling that you wanted to write something else, about Jews maybe? Oh I remember you ….Pelicanman [May 31, 2010 at 11:28 pm] says:“This is a great site, but despite possibly good motives this post is misplaced. The US military has been used as an instrument of conquest and subjugation for well over half a century. With over 170 bases outside the US proper it is projecting power and force, not protecting freedom. It is currently involved in two wars based on lies and evidence as false as Mannโ€™s hockey stick cooked up by characters eager to get the might of this empire mired in wars for the racist, duplicitous, illegitimate and genocidal state if Israel. They are raining down bombs on Pakistan from consoles in suburban America via drones, and are looking for any pretext to spread the hot war to Pakistan.While the courage and plight of the enlisted men is to be appreciated and admired, the contempt with which they are used by the empire that in no way represents its people is to be pitied.”[Reply: This is Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day. It began after the Civil War to honor and remember our soldiers, both North and South, who gave their lives in military service. It is not Politics Day. ~dbstealey, mod.]“Out of respect for Anthony and his website I will self-snip what I really want to say to you. largest life insurance companies home insurance quote
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Nick, Jack, Robert — I don’t think the pendulum has been swinging in one direction for the past 40 years. To the contrary, I think it’s swung back and forth several times over recent decades. Consider that mid-century, industrialization unfettered by environmental regs was the dominant policy choice, blessed by the masses and promulgated by our leaders. Then the late-60s and 70s saw the pendulum swing towards regulation — CAA, CWA, SDWA, CERCLA, NEPA, EPA, ESA, solar panels on the white house … demanded by the masses (Earth Day) and promulgated by our leaders. Then in the 80′s, environmental causes again took a back seat … Carter-bashing was in vogue, industry-friendly measures were the rage, and Reagan deregulation ensured no toughening of various environmental standards. Things started to turn back in the late-80s with Hansen’s testimony, the CAA Amendments, the Montreal Protocol, an environmentalist VP and Kyoto. But by the late-90s, early-00s, then pendulum swung again >> the Senate unanimously rejected Kyoto, Gore was derided as “Ozone Al,” and Bush Jr. undid a remarkable amount of environmental regs. The pendulum swung back again with IPCC’s TAR, McCain-Warner-Lieberman sponsored cap-and-trade bills, the Bingaman resolution, An Inconvenient Truth, and outspoken concerned scientists. We’re now just at the point where the pendulum has swung back with skeptics’ book success, Climategate and the Himalayan glacier mistake, the rise of Fox and the success of sites like this, a renewed outspokeness by skeptics, the Tea Party, and anti-regulation fervor. It’ll swing back … issues relating to climate, energy and the environment just don’tgo away. cash back ceep car insurance
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I am totally wowed and praeerpd to take the next step now.
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W internecie można wynaleźć bez najmniejszego problemu kilka jeśli nie kilkanaście porównywarek finansowych. Teoretycznie nie ma wygodniejszego wybierania kredytu dla nas. Wybieramy kwotę, okres kredytowania i porównywarka finansowa uwidocznia nam kilkanaście ofert. Poza tym, możemy sobie daną ofertę zamówić przez kontakt z doradcą. Wszystko wydaje się proste ale jest jedno ale.

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Każdy bank ma swoją własną politykę, w jednym nasza zdolność kredytowa będzie akuratna do zdobycia kredytu, w innym jednakże nie.

Jak składać wniosek o kredyt aby zminimalizować ewentualność odrzucenia wniosku? Warto skorzystać z pomocy doradcy kredytowego, zasadniczo w większych porównywarkach kredytowych jest opcja skorzystania z pomocy doradcy kredytowego zupełnie gratis. Porównywarki kredytowe są bardzo wygodne, warto z nich korzystać wybierając kredyt, należy jednak pamiętać, że to bank decyduje czy udostępni danej osobie kredytu.
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