Ximena Giacaman - Chicos muy lindas las fotos en vedard. Mi favorita es una que estan en la playa uno frente al otro, con unas nubes y el mar todo en colores doraditos, como mi cuf1i que toda doradita. Se ven realmente espectaculares y se siente el amor en la atmf3sfera. Los artistas lo captaron muy bien. Claudio se ve como un latin lover, y mi cuf1i se ve sencillamente espectacular. Entiendo por los comentarios que los fotf3grafos son Italo y mi clon Ale. Que Jehove1 los bendiga mucho a todos y por toda la eternidad.Xime

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I feel safitsied after reading that one.
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I think you hit a buyselle there fellas!
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Wow! Great thginikn! JK
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Is Carcillo going to crack the roster for you guys? I was trying to follow up on him after he left my team (Flyers) and it looks like he ha;12#8&n7st played yet. Is he hurt?
By l2SsDuRLzs (jxwwfjn8ue-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2016-04-27 07:30:15 IP :

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Alex: it’s called electoral ping pong, but as long as the table is green, it doe8n&#s217;t matter to the Rs and Ds.Gray: Well, Germany explains it. You haven’t talked much to the wacko Leftist fringe in the US then. To them, Armageddon awaits!
By KkkWdvYiWYO (ydw7j9cz-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2016-04-27 07:33:56 IP :

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a me a suo tempo era piaciuto il bagno turco, già le fate ignoranti mi aveva perso. quindi dubito che ciò faccia di me un ex-fan deluso.mi viene da difenderlo solo quando il mio collega supercattolico lo critica in quanto "promulgatore dei valori gay contro la famiglia troatziondle&quai;, ma tutto ciò ha poco a che vedere col cinema, temo. [url=]bmecelryt[/url] [link=]xgjahocxz[/link]
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Daniel, could you explain the Burr reference? Is that Aaron Burr?"He's the worst mistake in American history. The one that didn't happen with Burr, but finally caught up with us."And also, could you explain this re&feencr?fquot;Aeter Brown's humiliating treatment, the UK got the message and went off on its own. "Who is Brown and what was the humiliating treatment?
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Daniel Greenfield - I agree with the points of your article. I have both of the initial example groups covered - Italian married to a Jewish wife. I offer one other aspect to consider. Those Jews who propose the liberal policies also do so for the "feel good" (at least to them) internal vibes and adulation of others in their group. And why not, in their lifetimes they may not see many or all of the serious resoucrspiens. So they are selling out their future brethren for current gratification.
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