Is there a birthday party this year? If so who will be playing?

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I liralelty jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!
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The forum is a brithger place thanks to your posts. Thanks!
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A simple and inetillgent point, well made. Thanks!
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That"s a creative answer to a difulcfit question
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you just swish some milk around the inside of the pot and then pour it out. I've never quite believed her - but if you can use milk as glue then maybe it works. (My pottery lessons are all in French hence my unrnatciety about the actual process).
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Yes.. i agree.. the paper quali if very important.. ! but the person gotta wanna be an achiever too..! i know of a lot of ppl here.. who dos8n&#e217;t wanna do anything.. but go on welfare.. ! and party.. and smoke and booze..!
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I so want to… no, need to get in on something like this. One of my biggest challenges is that I take too st2niink17; long to write. Then I put it off because I know it’s going to take me longer than I have. Lame, I know. But one day I will overcome this OCDness.
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