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[img][img]Lin Thailand Sweet Creation 2019 ҹʴشʹҹҧäŻ ¹ӵ С شʹѡ鹹ӵſͧͧ ʹѺʹع觢ѹ ҹСǴš㹻 2019 ѧ شͧŻ项ӵŻ ٹԤ Ҵ˭ش㹻 Фҹ项ӵŻ鹷ҧäҡԹҡâͧŻԹ˭ԧѺҷ෾ 项ӵŻաٻẺشѧҡ 60 ҨѴʴءҹ ФԴҧäԨ Workshop ҧѡзҧŻ ҷ ͹鹹ӵ ͧͧѺس˹, Workshop Ѻʹ㹡û鹹ӵſͧͧС÷ , ûСǴشʹѡ鹹ӵſͧͧ͡ʷ龺š¹ʺó ѺѧѺҡشʹ٢෾ҧҹ ӵͧ ԵӵԹ ԭҹ Lin Thailand Sweet Creation 2019 ¡дѺǧ项ӵŻ繷ѡǧҧѴСǴ Cake Competition شʹѡ项ӵʹѺʹعһСǴ㹧ҹдѺš Cake International ԭشʹ顴 سͻ Ի ҺšԵ Ңͧ˹ Best Of Gold ҡҹ Cake International 2018 Եŧҹ项ӵŻ鹨ҡ෾·բҴ˭شҷ ŷͧѹѴҹ龺Ѻ èѴʴŧҹ项ӵŻشѧ , Ԩ Workshop ҸԵйѺҧ ҡᢡѺԭ ҷ س ѳʶ , سͻ Ի Ԩҡѡʹѧ 䫵 ͧٵâ 駡Ԩ աҡ㹧ҹ §ҹ Lin Thailand Sweet Creation 2019 ШѴѹ 8 10 Զع¹ ҹഹ 1 ҧþԹ繷Ŵ ·ҹöԴ´ ŧ¹ѺԷ㹧ҹ Facebook : Lin Sugar Sweet CreationʹѺʹع䫵 [url=]MarketSavvy[/url]

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